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Image by Nik Owens

Our Pizzas

A Bedford & Basil pizza is 100% British. We support and celebrate independent artisans, award-winning suppliers and local producers. Everything we source is from small businesses we trust, including the wood we use to fire the oven. From tree to topping, every pizza we make represents the very best ingredients from the British Isles.


Our Ingredients


All our pizzas are approximately 11 inches and served with authentic italian tomato sauce.

Garlic Bread (v)

A simple classic, stone-baked, thin and crispy - with or without cheese.

Homemade with Staffordshire butter, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozarella.

The Classic -
Mozarella and Basil (v)

The traditional Italian-inspired ‘Pizza Margherita’ with an authentic British twist, originally named in honour of Queen Margherita of Italy. But here at Bedford & Basil we don’t have many royal connections, so instead it’s a classic.

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozarella, fresh basil.

The Classic - Pepperoni

The second of our classics! With the same delicious base, this one is generously topped with tempting pepperoni.

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese and sliced pepperoni, fresh basil.

The Bedford BBQ

Named after our fabulous vintage Bedford van, this pizza is strong and sturdy with a classy style and will be a favourite for many years to come.

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozzarella, locally sourced grilled chicken and onion topped with a BBQ sauce, fresh basil.

The Cabro (v)

Drawing inspiration from the Bedford’s own colour palette, with the deep, rich caramelised onion colour reflective of the wheel arches and the creamy goats cheese indicating the elegant ivory cab, this pizza is literally a work of art.

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozzarella, goats cheese and caramelised onion, fresh basil.

The Spicy Veggie (v)

If you like tour pizza with a bit of a kick, this one is for you. This classic combinations of vegetables works every time.

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozzarella, jalapeno peppers, crunchy onions, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and black olives, fresh basil.

The Parma and Fungi

Why does Mario prefer to hang out with Toad more than Luigi? Because he’s a fungi! This pizza celebrates the delectable marriage of ham and mushrooms.

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozzarella, parma ham and mushroom, fresh basil.

The Spanish

This pizza is the ultimate fusion of Spanish-inspired food with authentically British flavours. Pizza súper rica. Olé!

Tomato Stall passata, Staffordshire cheese, Laverstoke mozzarella, chorizo and roasted red pepper, fresh basil.

Our Suppliers

Our award-winning artisan and independent British producers:

  • Caudwell’s Mill, Rowsley, Peak District

  • Nelstrops Flour, Cheshire

  • Just Oil, Staffordshire

  • Cornish Sea Salt, Cornwall

  • The Tomato Stall, Isle of Wight

  • Cheeses and butter from The Staffordshire Cheese Company, Cheddleton, Staffordshire

  • Mozzarella from Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire

  • Meats from Andy & Son Family Butchers, Staffordshire

  • Charcuterie from The Real Cure, Dorset

  • Fresh vegetables from Fresh Produce of Cheadle, Staffordshire

  • Sauces, salsas and dressings from Cottage Delight, Leek, Staffordshire

  • Toppings from Minter’s Fine Foods, Staffordshire

  • Fresh basil, home-grown, Staffordshire

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